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Cochran Undersea Technology again passes Quality Standard ISO 9001:2008 Independent Audit for continued certification with zero nonconformities

“Most companies like to say that they are committed to quality, but Cochran Undersea Technology has proven it by strictly adhering to the requirements ISO 9001:2008 standard,” said Mike Cochran,  “We have always focused on continued quality, and this is just one more proof of our success to provide our customers with the highest quality diving computers.”

Cochran Undersea Technology originally obtained its ISO Certification over a decade ago.

NEW Feature - White Papers & Technical Publications

A document on the pros and cons of "Rechargeable verses Disposable Batteries" in electronic products.
Technical Publications covering "Task Loading", "Stealthy Diving" and additional topics.

The EMC-20H Cochran's flagship dive computer featuring Cochran's patented Automatic Gas Switching
The EMC-16 lets you custom tune the dive computer to your style of diving
The EMC-14 features Cochran's Environment and Microbubble Cognizant algorithm.
The GEMINI® uses an extended range algorithm which takes into account environmental considerations.
The DIGITAL DEPTH GAUGE combines a depth gauge, bottom/surface timer and clock.
ANALYST® 4.01 for WINDOWS is the most intuitive and user adaptive dive computer software on the market!

Important Notice:

Existing Analyst® 4.01 Users: Revision 'V' was released 17 March 2011 and is available for free, automatic download and install. If you experience difficulties, contact a Customer Support person at our factory in Texas.

Note: Vista and Windows 7 and 8 users must be logged into their P.C. as the Administrator in order to update Analyst.

Revision "V" release notes, lists Cochran Dive Computers that are compatible with Analyst® 4.01 Rev V.

You can download a free Demo Edition of Analyst® 4.01 from this Website.

All Cochran products are 100% compatible at the highest level with DAN Dive Research. Visit for details.